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Tailwarden cost explorer guide
Tailwarden cost explorer guide
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Welcome to the cost explorer section of Tailwarden! This feature is designed to provide detailed insights and transparency into your cloud infrastructure costs. It's incredibly user-friendly, making monitoring expenses per team or service straightforward.

Report overview

In the cost explorer, you will find a dynamic chart and a detailed table with the following features:

Costs are shown in USD and by default, are displayed as unblended costs.

Upper bar functionality

The upper section of the cost explorer contains three primary buttons:

1. Visualization options

This section allows you to customize the data displayed in the chart:

  • Group by: Filter and group your data:

    • by service

    • by account

    • by region

    • by provider

    • by resource (Note: Only for AWS)

    • by view: Learn how to create views here

  • Cost type: Choose between Unblended, Blended, and Amortized costs (AWS specific). More details here.

  • Charge type: Filter by specific charge types (supported for AWS only), including Usage, Credits, Tax, Discounts, Saving Plans, and Reserved Plans.

2. Date picker

Easily select the timeframe for your data:

  • Last month: last calendar month

  • Last 3 months: last 90 days

  • Last 6 months: last 180 days

  • Last 12 months: last 360 days

  • Custom range: full flexibility

3. Granularity

Choose how the data is presented:

  • Daily

  • Monthly

Additional features

Save reports

Enable you to save your parameters in the upper bar as a custom "report".

  • Report name: name of the report

  • Visibility: set the visibility of this report as Private (i.e. only for you) or share it with team members. Ensure proper access rights are set as detailed in our User Management Guide.

As soon as your report is saved, you can access it on the left hand side.

Export data as CSV

Easily export the data in CSV format for integration with other tools.


The Tailwarden cost explorer empowers you with the ability to gain precise insights into your cloud spending, facilitating strategic financial planning and efficient budget management. It offers the flexibility to create tailored reports, enhancing your understanding and control over cloud infrastructure costs.

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